“Pets and their people are my passion”

Pet Care by Debbi is here to help you keep your pet healthy and happy in the comfort of their own home


Nail Trims & Grooming

Hearing the clickety-clack when your pet walks? Getting scratched even when they aren’t trying? Furniture and corners being destroyed?  I can help by coming to your home and trimming your pet’s nails.  While I’m there, I can clip out mats, give your kitty or puppy a sani shave or even do ear and eye cleaning (if needed) and teeth brushing.

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Hospice & Home Care

Your pet has been to the veterinarian or the emergency hospital and you have been sent home with a list of instructions, some of which can seem daunting.   Having trouble fitting that mid-day treatment into your already busy schedule?  I can help with things like subcutaneous fluids, administering medications or supplements, help with wound care and bandage changes and other home care and hospice  needs your pet may require.

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Pet Sitting

We begin with a consultation in your home to get to know you and your pet and their routines.  I collect detailed information about caring for your pet (and your home) and collect a house key.

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