Hi, my name is Debbi Alexander and I have loved and cared for animals ever since my first Persian, Ginger, and my first Manchester terrier mix, Prince.  I now live on 2.5 acres with my son and our menagerie (2 horses, 5 cats and 1 dog).  I have lived with and cared for dogs, cats, bunnies, horses, goats, lizards, birds (including farm birds), and fish.  I just don’t like bees but otherwise I am open to helping with all species, large and small.

I started my career in the veterinary industry in 1991 and found my passion. During my 25 years as a receptionist, veterinary nurse,  surgical assistant and manager in a variety of clinics (including an emergency clinic & 4 years in cat exclusive clinics), it dawned on me that there are some pet care routines that owners would like to pass to someone else.  With that in mind, I started  Pet Care by Debbi in July of 2017.  I am thrilled to help owners with nail trimming, minor grooming, pet sitting, medicating and end of life hospice and comfort care.

Debbi has been coming in and clipping my cat Misha’s claws for about a year. She is always prepared and is both gentle and efficient. Debbi’s love of animals always shines through and I would completely trust her with any future pet-sitting or medical needs that Misha has.