Nail trims and  grooming

Your pet is cuddled into my lap (if they fit) for their mani-pedi using a firm but gentle hand with the lowest amount of restraint necessary. I pay attention to your pet for signs of stress as ideally grooming should not be stressful; some kitty bad language and swearing is allowed. Owners are welcome if they want to observe. Every pet is rewarded with treats at the end of the session. A recurring schedule is possible.

Please keep kitties out of the bedroom as they love to hide under the bed right in the middle where humans have trouble reaching.

Hospice and home care

Under the direction of yourself and your veterinarian, I can administer subcutaneous fluids, any medications or supplements (pills, liquids, eye and injectable meds like insulin), tube feeding, or even minor bandage changes and wound care and other needs your pet may require.

Pet sitting

 Daily visits (as often as required) including fresh food, fresh water, treats, exercise and play time, brushing/combing, bathroom breaks/litter box maintenance and other home care duties (bring in mail & newspaper, take out garbage and recycling, water plants, rotate lights and window coverings)  as arranged.   Pictures and updates by email or text while you are away.